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Welkom op de site van het NSK Trappenloop 2017!

Welcome to the NSK Trappenloop site 2017!


Do you have what it takes to defeat the stairs of the Erasmus Tower? This is your chance, because on thursday 15th December 2017, the thirteenth NSK Trappenloop will take place in the Erasmus building in Nijmegen.


We aim to satisfy everyone, so pick your favourite race. You can compete in a team, as a duo, or alone. New this year is the "beer chase"!


You can register for the following races:


Relay 20 floors (4 persons)

Duo race 20 floors (2 persons)

NSK 20 floors

NSK 10 floors

Regular 20 floors

Regular 10 floors

Beerchase relay 20 floors (4 persons)


Of course, everyone has experienced running the stairs before, but do you want to turn this into a real achievement? Then join the NSK Stair-race (Trappenloop), sign up now!


Besides the stairs, there will of course be a delicious meal and afterwards there is plenty time for a nice drink with all the other participants in the sports café.


De Trappenloopcommissie 2017


Janeri, Juliette, Lars & Rianne